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Our Women Riders: Sam

Meet Sam! Our Newest Women Rider

How long have you been/when did you start riding? (including as a passenger, if applicable)

Less than a month ago. Been a passenger for 6 years.


Who influenced your love of motorcycles the most?

Working at Harley has helped but seeing so many smiling faces when riding has also helped.


When and how did you get your motorcycle license? (rider safety course vs DMV)

I just completed the Riding Academy here at Appleton H-D


What was your first bike and what do you ride now?

I just got my first bike a couple of days ago! 2013 Switchback


How many miles, on average, do you ride per year?

2000 roughly


Have you been on a multi-day motorcycle adventure before? Where did you go/how was it?

Yes! Canada, Arkansas, next month South Dakota. Awesome! Not long enough.


Do you have a dream motorcycle adventure?

Route 66 & the Florida Keys


What do you enjoy most about riding?

The excitement of where to go next!


What surprised you the most when you started riding?

How natural it felt


What advice do you have for women who are thinking about getting into riding?

Just do it! Can’t steal second with one foot on first. New adventure awaits!


How would you describe the women’s motorcycle community in the Fox Valley/Northeast WI area?

It’s a great community. A lot of these ladies are great role models!


What do you think the local motorcycling community is missing?

Better weather to ride more 😋


What is one thing you would never ride without?

Bottle of water in case something happens & I’m stuck somewhere in the hot temps.


How has riding affected other areas of your life?

My kids are itching to go on family trips. It was a great motivator for getting my license


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