Favorite Routes

Whether your goal is a scenic ride, or a good burger (or both!), a great route makes any motorcycle trip easier and more enjoyable. That is why we created a list of our favorite motorcycle rides!

Rides to Destinations

Ride to these great local restaurants and bars. These short rides begin at our dealership and end at the restaurant or bar. Stops shouldn’t be necessary but feel free to make a stop along the way.

Loop Routes

Start & End at Appleton H-D
These longer routes begin and end at our dealership. Feel free to make a stop along the way and explore more of our great state!

Have a fun time exploring these routes and eating at local restaurants and bars around our state!

Harley-Davidson Ride Planner

Download official H-D rides from all over the world from Harley-Davidson’s Ride Planner. Upload these routes to your bike’s infotainment system to take scenic rides around Wisconsin or across the country.


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