Tie-Dye T-shirts and Tanks Fit for Sturgis

July 23rd, 2021 by

Stand out from the sea of black by making your own custom tie-dye tees and tanks! They look great and there are many tie-dye styles and colors to choose from.

Before you Start

White tank top

Wash t-shirts and tanks without fabric softener before you tie-dye them. This removes any chemicals on the shirt that may effect the dying process.

Tie-Dying Styles

Styles we used for this project include the spiral tie-dye technique and galaxy tie-dye technique.

Spiral Tie-Dye Technique

tie-dye techniquedying white shirt

  1. Use a damp white shirt for this tye-dye technique.
  2. Wash the shirt before dying.
  3. Lay the shirt out flat on the table.
  4. To have the spiral at the center of the shirt find the middle of the collar and the point under the sleeves.
  5. Pinch the fabric there and twist it into a swirl.
  6. Hold fabric in the swirl with 3 rubber bands. This devides the shirt into 6 sections.
  7. Wearing plastic gloves. Dye these sections with colors of your choice.
  8. Put the shirt in a sealed plastic bag. The dye will need 6-8 hours to set.
  9. Remove the rubber bands.
  10. Rinse the shirt, wash and dry it.

Galaxy tie-dye Technique

Dying black tank top

  1. Use a dark colored shirt for this tie-dye technique.
  2. Pinch and twril shirt where you want the galaxy center to be.
  3. Spray shirt with a 50/50 solution of water and bleach.
  4. Untwist shirt and monitor bleaching.
  5. Then wash out the bleach.
  6. Spray One-Step dye onto the shirt.
  7. Wash according to dye instructions.

 Finished Shirts

Spiral tie-dye harley-davidson tshirttie-dye black tanktie-dye black t-shirt

Tie-Dye an Appleton Harley-Davidson tank or t-shirt for a cool summer look, crazy enough to turn heads at Sturgis! For more information on how to tie-dye visit Tie Dye Your Summer.

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