Extended Service Plan Benefits:

  • Mechanical Breakdown Coverage
    • Coverage for Over 1,100 Parts
    • Nationwide Repair Location Assistance
    • Locked-in Repair Costs
  • Expense Reimbursement Package
    • Rental Reimbursement
    • Travel/Lodging Reimbursement
    • Towing Reimbursement
  • Additional Benefits
    • Optional Tire & Wheel Coverage
    • Contract Transfer
    • Future Contract Guarantee


  • 24-Hour Scheduling
    • No long wait time in the middle of riding season!
  • Loaner bike while your bike is being serviced
    • Monday-Thursday only. Subject to availability.
  • SYN 3 Fluids included with every service!
  • Lock in current prices for parts and labor to avoid inflation for 3 years!
  • Bike wash with every service!
  • Service your vehicle as scheduled without the stress of budget constraints!
  • Free Pick-up and Delivery in the Fox Valley area
  • 6 services over a 3 year period of time. You can also supplement 2 services for a basic winter storage package.


What happens if your bike is stolen, or totaled in an accident? If you have a loan for the motorcycle, you are still responsible for the balance of the loan. GAP protection is available for this exact situation. GAP protection would make up the difference between what your insurance company says your bike is worth, and what you actually owe! In addition, it will also reimburse you for any insurance deductible you may have! For example, let’s say your bike is totaled in an accident, and you still owe $20,000 on the loan, but your insurance company says your bike is only worth $14,000. GAP protection would make up the $6,000 difference between what you still owe on the motorcycle versus what your insurance company gave you a check for, and will also reimburse your insurance deductible.


Keep your paint, leather and chrome looking new.

If you’re like many riders, your motorcycle’s appearance is as important as its performance. With Harley-Davidson® Appearance Protection you can keep your bike looking as good as the day you rode it our of the dealership.


  • Scotchgard™ Chemical treatments protect your motorcycles most important surfaces- paint, leather and chrome
  • Available for both new and pre-owned motorcycles
  • 5 years of coverage
  • Easily add to your motorcycle financing
  • Coverage is transferable
  • No Deductible


Top 3 Reasons to get H-D Theft Protection:

  1. Provides a theft deterrent system for your motorcycle. Motorcycles are tempting targets for thieves and you may be a target. Ride worry-free and enjoy every mile with this valuable protection.
  2. Aids in recovery of your new or used H-D Motorcycle. Getting your motorcycle back quickly is important. The rate of unrecoverable theft on motorcycles marked with theft protection has proven to be reduced.
  3. Replacement benefits up to $5,000 if your motorcycle is not recovered. If your motorcycle is stolen and cannot be recovered, you’ll receive up to $5,000 toward the purchase of a replacement motorcycle. No Hassle and a new ride. Refer to the H-D Theft Protection Product Limited Warranty and Registration Application.

Coverage exclusions may apply to motorcycles stolen outside of the United States, it’s territories or Canada, motorcycles stolen with the keys in the ignition or by family members or people with access to the bike’s keys. Additional exclusions may apply. Please see your agreement for specific coverage details, including limitations and exclusions.